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A Wanderer's Eyes

My eyes are filled with lost hope,

they will remain till the end of time.

Standing in the midst of the storm,

I feel at home in this lonely domain.

Silence has been my company for all these years,

though I often share my lonely tears with the moon.

A loveless life has made me empty,

I thirst for a love that does not exist.

I look for a family that won't be found,

I reach for a hand that can't be felt.

I search for a voice that I will never hear.

I am the lonely wanderer that you all fear.

Why is this world so cold?

filled only with hatred and suffering.

No one will offer me an ear to listen,

to hear the tragic tales of my life.

If only you could see what I see,

and hear the whispers of the dark.

Then you will become a wanderer of life,

living a lonely life away from the cold world...