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Tortured Soul

As I look over my shoulder,

I see my painful past roll by.

I've lived life at its ugliest phases,

I don't know how much more I can take.

Miseries in the past haunt my dreams,

memories of fear and pain crawl through my soul.

I am a tortured soul surviving on the edge,

doing all I can to survive one more day.

Sheltering on the string of death,

right above the helicious dome of Satan.

If I could have one last wish,

it would be to wash away my past.

In my sweet dreams, I dream of heaven on earth,

willing to sacrifice anything to make it reality.

I find a reason to live and survive.

The clock is ticking faster and faster,

my hope is sinking lower and lower.

Thinking of my last words before I am dethrones,

I see life as a house of pain and torture.