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Living On

(dedicated to Ryan Andrew Meyer 1983-2000)

Memories of our past times live on in my heart,

I still got your picture in my wallet.

Though you left for a better place,

you'll always be a part of me till I peace.

Our friendship grew through time,

our competition blossomed on the court.

We were a match made in heaven,

both had what the other lacked.

You showed me how a gallant warrior fought,

while I envied your courageous will on the side.

All our fights made us an even stronger duo,

we always knew we had each other's back.

You stood for me when I couldn't stand,

you shook my hand when I didn't deserve your friendship.

You touched my emotions with your generous big heart,

we were brothers brought together by fate.

When you are looking down at me,

know that I'll always remember you.

You are the friend God sent to answer my prayers,

remember that your dreams still live on...

Farewell old friend...