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Life's Happiness

(dedicated to Natalie Breen)

Times ago, we were in deep love,

when you left me, my throbbing heart felt eternal pain.

When will you come back? I cried day and night in agony.

Times we cherished, were happiest moments of my life.

If you have found true happiness elsewhere,

I'll always be happy for you.

If you have found pain and loneliness,

you will always have my shoulder to cry on.

Everyday, I dream of you and I,

embracing in each other's arm.

Somtimes, I never want to wake up and face reality.

Knowing that you are gone, breaks my heart.

Your love is the best thing I've ever had,

without you, my life is not complete.

Life's journey will never end until I find true happiness,

and my happiness is you, please unleash my heart.

Anytime, you feel lonely and need someone,

don't be afraid to come back

My door will always open for you,

remember, pain kills, but love heals.

Your love is forever locked in my soul,

nothing can stop me from thinking of you.

Day after day, night after night,

I'll always be here, patiently, waiting for you.

Daydreaming day and night of myself,

telling you how much you mean to me.

If only you can hear me and understand,

for then will my life will be complete.