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The day you took me in your arms,

you introduced me to love.

The way you cared for me,

words can't describe,your luv was so tender.

All my life, I've been lonely,

you were my love when no one else loved me.

I know that I could never repay you in all my lifetimes,

all I have to offer is true love,

that I beg you to implore

When you were gone,

emptiness fulfilled the air,

knowing that you were gone,

I had nothing to live for.

All I had was you, without your love,

how can I survive in this cruel world?

Why would you leave me?

Do you know how much your love means to me?

I hope one day, you will come back to me,

for your love, I live for, and die for.

You are the sunshine of my life,without you,

I am nothing but darkness.

Thinking of you during my forsaken nights,

I begin experiencing pain and conceive how much u mean to me.

I feel not worthy living anymore,

but the thought of your love keeps me going.

Will you ever think of me?

because I'll always have you in the deepest

part of my heart,