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Heero's Journey

"What is love... "

"...Love is Heaven on Earth"

Who Am I???

Name: Wanderer, I've always been a wanderer my whole life, I don't really know where my real home is. At times I get confused because I don't know where my real home is. I've always moved so many times in my life, never had a place I could call my happy home. Right now, this place is my home, but what about tomorrow? I've lived in my current house for the past 2-3 years, but this year, I'm gonna move again, to college, I've never really had a stable home for a long time. I've accepted the reality that I will always be a wanderer, and I've cherished it. Most of the time, I always move and make new friends, and just when I'm comfortable w/the people I am with, I move again. Life really sucks that way, but I can't do anything about it. Through the experiences I've faced, I am now kind of glad that things worked out the way they did. I learned a lot and grew as a person during those times and became a proud independent individual. Now I have a better sense of what it's like to be on my own since most of my life, I have been. A wanderer, that's who I am, and that is my name...


Age: Age is relative...

What's Up?: You look at life, and it's pretty pointless sometimes... everything we go through, everything we experience, everything we get in life, it all ends someday... All I can do is enjoy everything that God gives us and live on... Over the past few weeks, I've learned a lot. For a lot of people, pursuing happiness isn't an option, simply living on is all they hold on to, no hope, no happiness, just plain living... I've taken everything I've gotten for granted, and all the joy I've been given, all of it, but now I realize how lucky I really am. I think I get a better sense of what life is after these past weeks.

Music:Music is different for everyone, for me, it's a friend that's there when no one is. Whenever I'm contemplating by myself, I'm always listening to music to hear the words and the true feelings expressed through the artist. I think music is really good tool to help cope w/pain and loss. I think of everyone as musician, in our own ways, we all are musicians, and music helps us express feelings.

"Loving someone is when you are willing to sacrifice your own happiness so she can be happy. Seeing her happiness shine through that beautiful smile is worth everything and more..."

Don't make promises you can't keep... Don't follow your emotions, they are temporary... and they lead to a world of pain that is preventable... you know what your doing, but you are influenced by raw emotions, a weakness of the human mind. Those experienced that have discpline will have control over their emotions and make better decisions in the most heated situations. It is always better to think with a cool mind then to be caught up in the moment and make mistakes you will later regret. But, in life, you have to make mistakes in order to learn. The most experienced person just means he/she has made more mistakes than all of us, that's life...

"Loving through your eyes is temporary. Eyes are deceiving, just like everything else, your eyes will only be attracted to something for a short term period of time. No matter how strong you feel about something, remember that feeling will go away over time. But if you love with your heart, the attraction is everlasting. The more you love with your heart, the less you will care about the physical aspects of love. When the love is strong enough, you no longer look at the person with your eyes, but with your soul... and after that, you know the other person as yourself, you share the same thoughts because you love each other so much that two becomes one"

"Don't pour out you love and heart for someone you think you love. Because Love takes A LOT of time. If you fall for someone too soon, you are going to be disappointed after a while because she may not be what she/he seemed when you first met her. Just take your time and really get to know her because only precious time can provide truer love than anything else. Trust her with all your heart. Don't try to buy love with a lot of gifts, hundred dollar gifts can't buy happiness. Show her how much she means to you by telling her how you feel. Loving someone can be the sweetest gift God has given us, but unfortunately, it can also be the worst thing God has given us. Breaking someone's heart maybe the worst thing in the world. Seeing them crying over you, pains you deeper than anything in this world. I would rather take the pain she's suffering anytime because I'd hate to see her crying over me. I couldn't bare to see in pain and sadness

Martial Status: Wanderer...

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"What is so precious about this life? Compare eternity with the short years we spend on earth, stop worrying about your daily lives and thank God that he's allowing you to live today, cherish that by telling your family how you truly feel, one day, they won't be there... In life, follow what your heart tells you, throw away the pride, and you will live a life without regrets. Live happily...."


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