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Heavenly Angel

dedicated to Crystal Sau

Lonely in the darkness,

trapped by sorrow and pain.

All I can see is you,

You are the light that I seek.

Times of love, times of pain,

memories diminished in ashes.

Your beautiful face,

engraved in my heart.

For nights to come,

you will be my only light.

Dreaming of the love we'll cherish,

to be never apart again.

With our names in the book of love

I can rest a happy man.

For a love so strong,

it changes fate and destiny

When the sun shines on you,

you are like a priceless jewel.

Rare and precious, that's what you are.

who am I to deserve such a treasure?

Praying for an angel from above,

what I got was beyond an angel.

Through grace and mercy,

God granted me the greatest gift.

Drowned in your ocean of love,

I find myself in tears of joy.

You are the meaning of love,

for perfection is your name.

I don't ever want to let go...

let go of your heart.

Say you'll stay with me till the end,

I'm afraid I will lose you.

Forever with you is my only wish on the stars,

you are worth beyond what life can buy.

I'd give up my world for eternity with you,

only you can make my dreams come true.

you are my heavenly angel,